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If you are a tire specialist or work with tires you are surely already aware that from 1 January 2021 the system for the definition of the so-called eco-tax for the disposal and recycling of tires will change.


Like me, you must be thinking that it is another all-Italian complication…


You will need to look up the ELT table for 2021 and update your entire product list.

This will cost you a lot of time and you may fail, some manufacturers do not release the weight of the tyre.


Do you also know that not complying with these regulations will result in a fine?


Article 228 of the “Environmental Code” establishes that in the event of failure by tire manufacturers/importers/distributors to fulfill their obligations, a “pecuniary administrative penalty proportionate to the seriousness of the breach, in any case not exceeding double of the contribution collected for the period in question”.


With this new classification making a mistake is even easier,

in fact, it could happen that the same tire falls into different eco-tax categories, if in the standard or run flat version. A 205/55 R16, for example, is always a car tyre, in the standard version it can weigh 7.5 kg, but in the run flat version it can reach 11 kg.


So what to do?


In order not to be forced to look for the ELT table, check and manually enter the correct data for each tire, the ideal solution is to have tools for tracing the tires or rely on specific management software, which makes available the weight of each individual product.


Data Tyre, our database with all European tyres, is already updated with the weight of all items, even tires from Asian or foreign brands that are not yet aligned with the law and which do not provide precise official data. In fact, we have developed an algorithm that estimates the weight of each individual product with close to 100% accuracy.

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