Our mission

To assist those working with tires.

Who we are

DataTyre is a tire data update service offered by Mada Service.

After years of collaboration with our clients, we have developed a database with all the tire data, and recently, the demand for it has increased significantly. In January 2007, we launched Prezzi Gomme, the service that provides always up-to-date tire data. In January 2020, we changed the name to DataTyre to make it more international.

Our current mission is to assist all individuals operating in the tire industry, including automotive, motorcycle, TL, truck, agricultural/OTR sectors, by providing them with an additional tool to grow their business.

We are filled with joy when we receive messages of gratitude from customers whose problems we have solved.

We are aware that there is no tire data database like ours in Europe, and our goal for the coming years is to expand the DataTyre service throughout Europe.

It will not be an easy task, and we hope that our customers will accompany us on this journey.