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Perhaps you will believe that it does not exist.

There is no way a company has done this.


Instead, we just did it!

We have created the database of all European tires and now we make it available to all companies operating in the sector.


This database is called Data Tire and it is a subscription service already offered to many customers who use it to update the tire master data of their B2B, B2C and Tire Managers.


Stop wasting time trying to get price lists from all manufacturers and distributors!

We currently work directly with the main manufacturers (who are themselves subscribers to the service..) and for imported brands with distributors, this means that you will receive constant and error-free updates.

The tire database service is provided via an XLS or CSV file via WebApp, via FTP or via API.

You can choose whether to receive it with pictures or without pictures.


These are the data present in the tire database:

  • Internal code
  • CAI
  • First Description
  • Second Description
  • Additional Description
  • Additional Specifications
  • Unit Measure
  • Net weight
  • Gross weight
  • Category
  • Sector
  • brand
  • measure
  • series
  • keying
  • line
  • drawing
  • Speed Index
  • Load Index
  • consumption
  • adherence
  • noise
  • mood
  • list
  • Price list date
  • list price
  • out of production
  • Extended Ice
  • Extraspecific

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